Marquee Hire for Gardens in TimperleyMarquee hire for gardens in Timperley let you make the most of the space available for a party at your home. If you have been considering venues for your celebration, you have likely found them impersonal, confining and expensive. We encourage you to compare the benefits of marquee hire. The size of your garden must be taken into consideration, of course, but we have marquees in all sizes. What will work best for you depends on the size of your guest list. A friend and family gathering is more intimate and personal if you can celebrate at home. It can be as formal or casual as you choose from an elegant post-wedding feast to a bar-b-que in shorts and flip-flops.

Even if your garden is on the small side, a marquee will serve as an extension of your home so guests have space to roam and mingle. In Timperley, marquee hire for gardens can promote any theme you choose. In addition to our marquee hire at Signature Events, we also have quality furnishings such as tables, chairs, bars, stages, floors and even decor accessories. If you need a stage for your live music band, we have one. Perhaps you’re planning a garden party and you live on a smallholding or large estate. We can help you plan your garden party with everything outside.  Choose one or more marquees, catering, scaffolding for the band and their equipment, a large dance floor under the stars, lighting, heat and fans. Don’t worry about party crashers, we even have security fencing and parking barriers.

When you choose marquee hire for gardens in Timperley, the duration of your party is limited only by your stamina. We’ll be there early to set everything up according to plan and we’ll be there the next day to take it all down and haul it away. Garden parties have all the potential to be the best party ever. Party all night if you want to. You won’t be bothering anybody as long as you invite your neighbours. Contact Signature Event Hire and schedule a consultation. We can help you plan your event with a marquee hire to your liking and then carry out your plan. When you compare a garden party with a marquee hire to an indoor venue, we think you’ll agree you get more for your money with the garden party. You also get it your way.