Marquee Hire for Gardens in North WalesMarquee hire for gardens in North Wales enables you to create an intimate setting for your gathering at your own home. When you invite guests to your home you want them to enjoy your hospitality in comfort. You can’t usually do that inside your home if you invite more than 15 people. If space is limited, guests will feel crowded. If you hire a banquet venue, you may have space for a large party but not enough time to really welcome and chat with each of them. If your garden is large enough to accommodate the number of guests you want to invite, then have your party outside and hire a suitably sized marquee to be set up for the festivities. We supply marquee hire in sizes to suit your garden and guest list.

There are so many benefits to marquee hire. In North Wales, marquee hire for gardens is likely cheaper than any venue you could hire. You are welcoming your guests to your home which makes for a more intimate gathering. The sight of a marquee of any style or size adds sizzle to the festivities. Even if your garden is on the small size, we have small marquees that announce the festivities. All activities do not have to take place under the marquee but you could use as a focal point for the preparation and serving of food. It will provide protection from the sun for those who choose to sit in the shade of the marquee. If you are planning to have music, under the marquee would be a good location for the performance, speeches or gift opening.

Marquee hire for gardens in North Wales allows all the time you need to spend with your guests. We will set it up in the best location in your garden. Sit outside all afternoon and continue into the evening. Relax under the stars, munch on leftovers and talk into the night. We can supply and set up the tables, chairs and bar inside the marquee, outside or a bit of both so everyone will be comfortable. When the party is over and the last guest leaves, you can blow out the candles and go inside to bed. We’ll be there next morning to take it all away. Contact us and tell us about your upcoming event. We’ll help you plan it within the budget you set.