Marquee Hire for Gardens in CheshireMarquee hire for gardens in Cheshire from us will turn your garden into the party venue of the season. Once the festive marquee goes up, it’s like magic. You can apply any theme you want to it for any type of celebration. You can have any decor you want from a book reading with tea and cakes in the afternoon to an all night pig roast with dancing and live music. You can create a fairy-tale wedding complete with gorgeous and romantic decor and a  formal dinner followed by dancing. Don’t worry about the neighbours; just send them an invitation. We’ll set it up and take it down for you. You are not limited to three or four hours as you would be with a traditional indoor venue. Start early and party until late. The timing is all up to you.

We’ll work closely with you to make sure your garden party goes as planned. For garden parties in Cheshire, marquee hire for gardens will be chosen to comfortably accommodate the size of your guest list. You’ll be prepared with protection against a sudden shower and you will have a comfortable retreat from the heat of the sun or a late evening chill. Along with your marquee, we can supply fans and heaters so everyone is comfortable. Roll the sides up or down at any time. We can also supply the lighting including a beautiful chandelier and festive twinkle lights. Choose a wood floor, dance floor, stage and bar; any or all.

Nothing says welcome to the party like a marquee hire for gardens in Cheshire. As soon as it goes up, excitement starts to build, even for those just passing by and watching us erect it. Do this for a child’s birthday party. There’s plenty of room for games and more. You can invite the whole class and the parents can stay if they want to. You probably wouldn’t want to do that inside your home. Contact Signature Event Hire and tell us your garden party plan. Count on us also for quality tables and chairs for hire and we’ll arrange them to suit you. For you, there’s no set up or take down. Next day, it all disappears, like magic, from your garden.