Marquee hire in Northwich Marquee hire in Northwich is just the insurance you need for outdoor events. We have marquees in all sizes for casual or formal events. Just the sight of a marquee set up on the green under blue skies creates an air of anticipation and festivity. But a marquee isn’t just for looks. Even though your event is outside, the marquee serves many important functions that your guests will appreciate. A rain shower could spring up during your lovely outdoor event. The marquee will provide shelter. Or, the sky could be clear and the sun relentless. Again, the marquee will provide shelter from the glare and we can set up powerful fans as well. As the sun begins to set, the air will feel chilly to some. The marquee will block the breeze and we can set up heaters.

The marquee can be a focal point in your outdoor setting and you can make adjustments as the day goes on. In Northwich, marquee hire means a place for food to be prepared and served. If it’s a gorgeous day, the sides can be completely rolled up leaving the canopy with flags flying to mark the spot. We can supply you with fabulous decorations to add to the festive ambiance. Not everybody likes standing around outside for hours so we can furnish the marquee with a variety of comfortable furnishings including dining tables and chairs. Want to hire a band for your event? We can build a stage and bring in the electrical; we can even put in a dance floor.

Marquee hire in Northwich includes set up and take down. We will set it up whenever you choose; even a few days ahead of your event. That gives you time to decorate. We will arrive the day after your event to take down the marquee. If a few of your guests are still there, that’s okay. The best part of a marquee is you don’t have to vacate it after three or four hours. That is not possible with an indoor venue. Contact Signature Event Hire and we can help you decide on size and style based on your event and the size of your guest list. We’ll work with you to create what you can imagine.