Marquee Hire in Runcorn Have you ever done a marquee hire in Runcorn? Maybe you and your friends wanted to have an outdoor party with some pizazz. And as always with outdoor events, it’s good to have a little protection from the sun or a rain shower. Since this was a do it yourself project you picked up the marquee, followed the directions and got it erected pretty well with the help of your friends. Taking it down and getting it back to the rental place by the deadline probably wasn’t much fun. You were tired from partying. But hey, you didn’t want to pay for an extra day just because you’re tired. Hopefully, in your haste you didn’t damage it and incur more expense.

It usually takes just one experience like this to realise that such things are better left to those with experience. In Runcorn, marquee hire from Signature Event Hire is a professional experience that guarantees all will go as planned. You have only to enjoy yourself and your guests. The size of your guest list can be accommodated. Our team can raise a marquee exactly as it’s meant to be done; and quickly too. But we do so much more that we think you’ll appreciate. We put the marquee up a week before or a day before depending on how much time you want to decorate. We’ll be back to take it down the day following the party. If you and some of your friends are still there, we’ll work around you.

Once you decide on a marquee hire in Runcorn for your outdoor event you will likely want to furnish it. Whatever you need, we have it and will deliver and set up for you. A selection of tables, chairs, a bar, dance floor, decorative items, table linens and so much more. Contact Signature Event Hire and tell us what you want. We’ll set it up for you and take it down when the party’s over. We’ll share our ideas gathered from years of experience to help make your event the best it can be. If you are wondering where there might be a venue to set up your party marquee, we know where all the best ones are.