Chiavari Chairs for Hire in WilmslowIf you are looking for Chiavari chairs for hire in Wilmslow, Signature Event Hire makes this possible. We also look after event planning, all aspects covered, from start to finish! Here’s how we do it – ideas are captured and translated into action with details chalked out clearly to avoid confusion. A comprehensive, step-by-step action plan  at the  pre-, during and the  post-event  stages will definitely help to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The set-up, furniture arrangements, lighting, colour themes and numerous physical structures like stages, barricades, ramps, steps and scaffolding all need to be planned intelligently to create a seamless flow. Also large structures have to also be carefully designed with aesthetics, practicality and safety in order to avoid untoward accidents.

For our clients in Wilmslow, Chiavari chairs for hire are important features in most event venues, especially where numbers are large and most of the available space is arranged  for seating people. The Chiavari chair, named after the city of Chiavari in Italy where they were first made, became popular for their light, solid designs. Their elegance saw them grace palaces and dining halls of royalty and aristocracy since the nineteenth century. Fast forward to present times, these chairs have stood the test of time not only because of their elegance but also due to their light weight, no-fuss, easy maintenance structure. The ease with which these chairs  can be stored and transported with their narrow footprints, (taking up an average of 16×24 square inches of space per chair), allows for more chairs to be accommodated at a time, making this a definite advantage. The versatility and range of colours add to their attractiveness and popularity making them suited to different settings, both formal and informal ones.

Chiavari chairs for hire in Wilmslow come in a range of materials like wood, aluminium and resin. To find out more about how we can assist you with these stunning chairs, contact us today. The wooden ones give an authentic look, suited for traditional décor. The aluminium ones are durable, resistant to scratches and the resin ones can tolerate wear and tear. They may be supplied in factory or knock down models. The latter may be available at lower prices.